Soosan Gilson (British) studied at the Laban Centre London, then continued her studies at the School of New Dance Development, Amsterdam. After working for many years in the field of dance she studied for her Masters Degree in choreography at Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg, where she graduated in 2010.  She is currently working as an independent choreographer, teacher, dance dramaturge and coach as well as a practical researcher in the areas of aesthetics and community dance. Her main interests lay in using her experience to develop projects which strengthen channels between amateur and the professional dance worlds. She conducts workshops in choreography and composition and has a passionate interest in creating work inspired by distinctive architecture.

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  1. Dear Soosan,
    The news came to me that you’re going to do a project in greece. I want to wish you good luck and à whole lot of working pleasure doing that. Ofcourse I’ll miss you at DCU. Hope to see you soon, love Candace

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